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Golden Nail art manicure. Holiday style


Full-set/Overlay - not happy with the length/strength of your nails? Get it sorted with the application of your preferred choice of a nails enhancement product.
Infill - the maintainment treatment of your enhanced nails. This treatment focuses on the regrowth of your nails and re-shape/size to your preference. It is recommended to have infill every 2-3weeks.
Take off and fullset - this treatment is needed after 4-6 infills ( or every 3 months). The old enhancement product is completely removed and new one is put on for freshness and to check up on the condition of your natural nails.
Note: if apply and remove carefully and professionally, any nails enhancement product will not cause any damage to your natural nails.


Manicure - nourishing your hand with a manicure, which includes cut, shape, cuticles tidy-up, massage and polish. Weekly manicures will help to stimulate nail growth and keep your cuticles and hands in excellence condition.
Pedicure - pampering your feet with a relaxing spa pedicure, which includes cut, shape, cuticles tidy up, dead skin removal, exfoliation and scrubbing, massage and polish. Having a pedicure every 2-3 weeks will help to maintain healthy toe nails and soft, nourished feet.



Hybrid nail polishes are more and more popular and chosen by many women. This is not surprising as they are extremely durable (a well done hybrid manicure decorates nails for up to 3 weeks), scratch resistant and don’t chip off. There is also a lot of colors to choose from!


the hottest new nail trend! Metal Manix nail powder allows us to change a regular nail colour into a high shine mirror effect. Lightweight yet durable, with the ability to apply on both natural, gel and hybrid nails.


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